It’s Not Spring Yet


While many folks know about our food pantry, one of the most important and expensive basic needs programs we offer our neighbors is our utility and propane assistance. Each year, we help hundreds of people stay warm, keep the lights on, and fuel the cook stove during the coldest months.

Funded directly from our annual budget, we offer up to $100 per household, per year in utility assistance for past due electric and utility bills, and in vouchers for propane. The payments are made directly to the utility company (EPUD, Pacific Power, Blachly Lane, and the City of Junction City) to cover past due obligations. We also offer up to $100 in propane vouchers (honored by our very own Junction City Farm & Garden) for those who may be living outdoors in tents, camp trailers, or cars.

As one might imagine, we tend to see the highest demand for energy assistance during the coldest months–from October to March. Even now, while the daffodils are blooming and the buds are on the cherry trees, the cold, wet, rainy season is still a challenge for some of our most vulnerable neighbors.

The utility assistance program is funded from financial donations from individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations. If you are interested in supporting this important basic need, you can either donate online here or send a check to us at: P.O. Box 493, Junction City, OR 97448

For more information about our energy assistance program, give us a call at 541.998.3992 or email


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